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Wood Picket Garden Fence

Wood Picket Garden Fence

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➤uneven style 15*120cm(Height*length)
➤uneven style  20*120cmHeight*length)
➤even style 15*120cmHeight*length)
➤even style 20*120cmHeight*length)
➤even style 25*120cmHeight*length)

Product Advantages

✔Made of natural pine wood and with high temperature carbonization treatment, the fence is non-corrosion in the sun and rain, heat and corrosion resistance, long life.

✔The metal inner core leather wire is 20 times stronger than ordinary leather ropes, it is not rotten and hard to break; double-stranded leather wire and double yard nails have doubled strength.

✔There is a double-stranded plastic skin iron wire link between the wood, which can be bent, disassembled and assembled at will, forming a variety of shapes.

✔The multiple fences can be connected together with lines. The four-legged wooden piles at the bottom are easy to install and create exquisite small gardens.

✔The semi-circular wooden stick has a strong three-dimensional feeling, a rounded appearance, and a more beautiful appearance. The chamfered design on the top adds a sense of rural life, which can perfectly isolate the lawn from the garden and flowers.

Package Included

➤1*Garden Fence

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