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About Us

IA GARDEN website was founded in 2016, at first it was only a horticultural products supply company, providing high quality horticultural products for native community, offline horticultural stores and supermarkets.

Our products come from global suppliers and production companies. With the rapid development of Internet, there is increasing number of online shopping from native gardeners. Therefore, we decided to set up this website to offer excellent service and high quality horticultural products for gardeners.

We have an excellent design team, they can design horticultural products based on the requirement of native customers, after the design part, they will give their ideas and blueprints to suppliers and production companies.

We also have the most experienced local horticultural experts, they write blogs about their own gardening experiences on a regular basis for gardening enthusiasts, and we hope these experiences are helpful.

In the early days of IA GARDEN website, we had been thinking how to make gardening not only have ornamental value, but also can help to solve practical problems, such as planting vegetables on backyard and breeding poultry and bee. We hope gardener can obtain natural organic ingredients such as vegetables and meat through their own effort, and it can also protect environment.

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