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Astrophytum Asterias

Astrophytum Asterias

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  • Astrophytum Asterias is a succulent plant. Its ornamental value lies in its shape and color. The spherical shape and unique patterns of Astrophytum Asterias make it a collection of many succulent enthusiasts. Its colors are also very beautiful, with many colors such as yellow, white, green, etc., and the colors are very bright.
  • Soil: Use soil that is well-ventilated and does not accumulate water easily.
  • Temperature: The temperature range suitable for Astrophytum Asterias growth is 18-28℃. In winter, the temperature should not be lower than 7℃.
  • Watering: It has the ability to store water, so watering should be less and not more. Try to wait until the soil shows signs of drying before watering it.
  • Light: Astrophytum Asterias likes light and needs sufficient light to promote its own growth and development. Therefore, it should be moved to a place with sufficient light, but not directly exposed to outdoor sunlight or placed on a windowsill in summer. Overexposure to strong light will damage the growth and development process of Astrophytum Asterias.
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