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Plant Vine Tying Machine Tapener Tool

Plant Vine Tying Machine Tapener Tool

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Product Description

Easy Operation: Half press to catch tape and then a full press to staple and cut. One hand operation, this binder machine can easily tie plants to support sticks and lines.

Extensive Use: Applicable to all kinds of branches, vines crop such as grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, melon, eggplant and so on.The opening width can be adjusted at any time depending on the width you need which make your work more convenient.

High efficiency: A great tool to have in a greenhouse, garden or summer house. Greatly improve your efficiency, savings labor costs and save time as well.
Durable build: Made of stainless steel, not easy to rust, more durable.

Please read the instructions carefully to make sure you can use it:

Plant Vine Tying Machine

How to install tape?

  • Open the tape holder and ribbon holding area cover
  • Place the tape and feed the ribbon along the ribbon holding area
  • Feed the tape through the slotted opening at the front of thestapler.

How to load the staples?

  • Remove the staple pusher unit located near the grip
  • Load the staples in with the prongs facing up
  • Reinsert the staple pusher unit and snap securely back intoplace

Operating instructions: (Please read carefully and try to operate, you will find it is really easy.)

  • Hold the handle and press it down firmly. When you hear a "click" sound, you will find that the tape is caught by the hook. Release the handle and pull out the clamped tape.
  • Bundle the branch parts of the plant together and tie them together with tape, and press the handle firmly and quickly. When you hear a "click" sound, the tape is pinned by the staples and the excess tape is Cut. It takes about 1-2 seconds to complete one binding.
  • Press the handle to clamp a new piece of tape. Repeat the above steps to quickly complete the binding work, realize semi-automatic operation, and save time and effort.

Package Included

1 tape tool machine, 10 rolls of tape, 1 box of staples, can be used immediately after easy installation.

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