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Philodendron warscewiczii Golden Rare

Philodendron warscewiczii Golden Rare

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  • After Philodendron warscewiczii 'Golden' Rare is shipped, a complete video will be sent to the customer.
  • It is normal for turtle back plants to exhibit atavism.
  • Philodendron warscewiczii ‘Golden’ Rare is a kind of Philodendron, with snowflake-shaped yellow leaves. Its leaves are large and bipinnate. It grows slowly but is easy to maintain. It requires adequate sunlight and moderate water. It can grow in warm and humid environments
  • medium or bright indirect light. Do not let the sun shine directly on the leaves, otherwise they will get sunburned.
  • A loose well-draining soil mix is ideal for any healthy Philodendron.
  • Correct watering is crucial to keeping your new plant companion healthy!
  • The ideal temperature range is between 55°F-80°F (12.75°C-26°C).
  • Humidity: High humidity, ideally around 60-80%.
  • Use a nitrogen fertilizer for increased leaf size and a larger, healthier plant.
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