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Flexible Water Hose with High Pressure Hose Spray Nozzle

Flexible Water Hose with High Pressure Hose Spray Nozzle

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Flexible Water Hose

Enjoy gardening again with this space saving expandable garden hose! Watch the innovative expandable hose design grow before your eyes as the tubing fills with water and extends to nearly three times its size.

Made with durable,pressure-resistant latex material, these hoses are safe for average water pressure and will not burst, leak, or break.

When not in use, the garden hose shrinks down for easy storage and is super easy to roll up without kinking or twisting.

Made with solid brass fittings, indestructible metal connectors, This watering hose has an 8 pattern hose spray nozzle included, the garden hoses are made to last and will bring lushness and life to your garden.


The Kaluns hose is made with a premium quality latex inner tube. Our garden hose is made to last and wont leak or rupture.

Flexible Water Hose


Our garden hose is fitted with premium quality brass connectors that fit any standard outdoor tap. Easily to screw on and off our garden hose connectors wont rust or bend.

Flexible Water Hose


The Kaluns garden hose expands up to 3x its original size using standard water pressure. When the water is turned off the hose will immediately shrink back to its original size.

Flexible Water Hose

Item Package Quantity:

Flexible Water Hose*1,High Pressure Hose Spray Nozzle*1,All Brass Connectors

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