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Echeveria Snow Angel

Echeveria Snow Angel

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Product Description

  • Our Succulent Echeveria Snow Angel is large in size and has a two-year-old stump.
  • Fresh succulents straight to your door. All of our succulents are organically grown in California. And every succulent we send is hand-picked to ensure you will receive only fresh and healthy succulents.
  • Enjoy a perfectly established plant from the minute you open the package. Every package will be packed in fluffy material to prevent shipping damage. (Succulents may vary from the pictures shown as they are living plants and grow differently throughout the year.)
  • Succulents are hailed as the easiest house plants to keep due to their low care requirements. They could withstand long periods of drought in most challenging conditions, making them the ideal representation of enduring love.
  • Everyone loves receiving succulents as a gift. They symbolize beautiful and incredible things. Gifting a succulent to a close friend or a loved one is an indication of timeless friendship and everlasting love.
  • Each succulent comes in 4-inch pots fully rooted in the well-draining soil mix. Notice: Each plant is unique and plant measurements may vary as some plants might grow wider, shorter, taller, trailing, etc.
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