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Dracaena Monstera Deliciosa

Dracaena Monstera Deliciosa

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  • After monstera is shipped, a complete video will be sent to the customer.
  • It is normal for monstera to exhibit atavism.
  • Monstera is an ideal indoor plant with beautiful and elegant leaves. It has the effect of absorbing carbon dioxide at night, which helps to improve indoor air quality and increase oxygen content. Monstera has a more obvious effect on removing formaldehyde from the air, but its air purification function is slightly weaker.
  • Monstera likes loose and fertile weakly acidic soil. You can use general-purpose nutrient soil, but to prevent turtleback bamboo from becoming top-heavy after growing up, it is recommended to add an appropriate amount of garden soil to the nutrient soil to ensure the weight of the potting soil.
  • Monstera likes a warm and humid environment. The suitable growth temperature is 20-30℃, and the relative humidity is about 70%. It needs shade in summer, 15-20℃ at ordinary times, and above 6℃ in winter.
  • Monstera needs sufficient water but cannot be too wet. You can water it once a day normally, twice in the morning and evening in summer. When the weather is dry, you need to sprinkle water on the leaves and surrounding environment to ensure that the air is fresh and moist and the leaves are bright.
  • Monstera needs fertilization. From April to September, fertilize it every 15 days with compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements.
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