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Dendrobium pendulum

Dendrobium pendulum

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  • You can plant dendrobium pendulum in your garden for viewing, you can also give its flowers as gifts to friends, and you can use it to decorate your bedroom.
  • Dendrobium pendulum is a species of orchid plant that has deciduous and pendulous pseudobulbs. It is recognizable from its pseudobulbs’ swollen nodes, which give the canes an accordion-like appearance.
  • Small, fragrant flowers form from at nodes of mature, leafless canes. Blooms are white with pink/purple petal tips and an egg-yolk yellow throat.    
  • Dendrobium pendulum is a deciduous orchid plant that requires a lot of light but not direct sunlight. It should be watered weekly and let the top layer of soil dry between waterings.
  • Dendrobium orchids can store water and are more tolerant of dry soil than overly wet soil. Water them every 1-2 weeks. Use a diluted orchid fertilizer once a week. Maintain a humidity level of at least 50% for your orchid. Prune the orchid’s blooms to promote regrowth.  
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