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Bee Hotel for Mason Bees

Bee Hotel for Mason Bees

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Bee Hotel for Solitary Bees

ATTRACT AND PROTECT MORE NATIVE BEES: Not a typical beehive, this bee house is designed specifically for 140 solitary bee species, including mason bees and orchard bees The nester has been designed with tubes of varying diameters, from large to small, which attract different species of bees. The approximately 75 tubes in the bee hut are all over 4 inches long, allowing plenty of depth for each pollinator to lay their eggs. and for the larva to mature.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: These bee hotels are hand crafted from FSC certified pine wood, and each tube is cut from long-lasting sustainable bamboo to provide a hanging bee house that is not only bee friendly, but environmentally friendly as well. This solid wooden hanging bee hotel is more durable than those made from paper or cardboard, and provide a sturdy shelter for your bees while they nest.

INCREASED GARDEN YIELD WITH A NATURAL WAY TO IMPROVE POLLINATION: Not a dangerous bug, native bees are effective pollinators and a gardeners best friend . Healthy beneficial mason bees visit 1000 plants a day, pollinating more effectively than honey bees ; if you've ever thought about buying a beekeeping starter kit , attracting mason bees is a simpler way to get started than investing in beehives and honey bees supplies. You'll enjoy more vegetables + flowers while helping the bees.

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