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5 Gallon/ 4 Pack Automatic Chicken Waterer

5 Gallon/ 4 Pack Automatic Chicken Waterer

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 Product Advantages

🐓 A new and better version of the old orange water cups. No tabs to push and the cup is always half full!

🐓 Great for 80'+ days - Hens can dip their wattles in cup of water

🐓 Comes with No-Roost Cap to prevent chickens from roosting on the waterer

🐓 Designed to be placed in the center of a chicken coop or run. Best if rested on a cinder block or scrap wood. Not recommended for hanging as 40lbs of water puts a load on the strap and bucket walls of any type of bucket

Product information

Size:Center Placement
Product Dimensions 10 x 12 x 14 inches
Item Weight 2.4 pounds

Package included:

Automatic Chicken Nipple Water Cup Chicken Waterer*1

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