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3 Pack Indoor Plant Trellis

3 Pack Indoor Plant Trellis

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3 Pack Indoor Plant Trellis

Product Description: A great plant support system for indoor/outdoor plants .

3 Pack Indoor Plant Trellis

Product Advantages

🌱 ORGANIZE - Your climbing plants with this amazing bundle of 3 Climbing Garden Leaf Shape Supports For DYI Climbing Stems Stalks & Vine Vegetable Potted Garden & Patio!

🌱UPDATED DESIGN - Now more sturdy, with better connection pieces that wont break, and now 15" instead of 13".

🌱 GREAT FOR CLIMBING PLANTS - Reinvent the look for your Morning Glory, Tomato, Clematis, Sweet Pea, Lily, Cucumber, and other long vine plants!

🌱 PERFECT FOR DIYers - Make any home or garden look elegant and tidy. Bring the potential out!

🌱 EXPANDABLE - Snap and slide the trellis together to make larger arrangements for bigger plants! Designed to be modular and expandable!

3 Pack Indoor Plant Trellis

Package Dimensions 15.91 x 4.53 x 1.65 inches

Item Weight 5.7 ounces

Package Included: Indoor Plant Trellis*3

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