Metal garden edging is the little dress of a garden: brilliant, hard yet simple, tailored and timeless. A promising design of professional landscapers, edging can help the fresh home garden to keep weeds and materials in place.

Metal Garden Edging

What metal is best for garden edging

For metal edging, the choice typically is between steel and aluminum.

Heavy-gauge aluminum does not rust, making it an appealing choice. Because it is softer than other material, it is a good contender for curvaceous installations, but also more susceptible to dings. Aluminum lacks the strength, which may not be an issue for most flat residential applications.

Metal Garden Edging

In metal edging, steel is one of the best materials that should be chosen, especially stainless steel. Despite its thin profile, it holds its shape, pushes back against eroding earth and ground movement, and won’t bend under the pressure in a rogue acr tire on a gravel driveway. The excellent steels edging such from Ia Garden can perform better than any other metal, it is obviously the best choice.

Metal Garden Edging

What are the benefits of Ia Garden steel garden edging?

The steel is a kind of hard material without calling much attention to itself. It can provide many benefits:

  • Smooth, durable and can be recycled, be able to achieve any bending.
  • Creates a clean separation between different areas in garden, makes landscape more modern.
  • Prevents roots growing disordered, particularly effective against keeping grass from creeping into adjacent beds and paths.
  • Edging can be customized, simple to use.
  • In cold weather, it will not rot, crack, chip or become brittle.

Metal Garden Edging

How to install steel garden edging?

Steel garden edging basically comes in long strips that have overlapped connections. The standard heights range from three to five inches high, the choice of which depends on how much protrusions above the soil is desired. For stability and to best contain creeping grass roots, it is recommended to submerging metal edging two to three inches below grade. This often will allow a sufficient edge above ground to retain mulch or gravel.

Metal Garden Edging

To install, check your soil. If it’s fairly soft, you can simply put steel edging into the shape you want, then use clay to fill the two sides. If the soil is hard, first dig a slim trench in which to bury edging. You can fill gravel into the two sides of edging, or grow plants to make your garden looks elegant and simple.

Metal Garden Edging

How much does Ia Garden steel garden edging cost?

More expensive than bender board or plastic edging products, steel edging is still an economical option. The cost rests in its longevity. For Ia Garden steel edging, prices 16.9 USD per 3.2 foot depending on thickness, height, the anchoring system. It can be found at IAGARDEN online.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are an amateur gardener, the steel garden edging from Ia Garden is your best choice!