Nowadays, many people like to raise roses. For novice flower lovers, only by making preparations in advance can they avoid falling into the pit. So how should we choose roses? "Old", stronger disease resistance, more vigorous growth.


There are "three reasons" why you should "choose the young and not the old" when choosing roses. The last one directly touches the hearts of flower lovers. Let's take a look together.

Reason 1: Young plants are generally cheaper

The reason why we choose roses with small seedlings is very simple, because the smaller the rose seedlings, the lower the price. The more mature roses, the merchants need to spend a lot of time and energy to make their growth look fuller. Some, in addition to the large size, high transportation and maintenance costs, the selling price is naturally to get!

The small seedling roses are basically obtained from cuttings. With good propagation techniques, the merchants can basically achieve a survival rate of more than 80%. After they take root and germinate, they can be cured for a period of time before being sold, and some can even be sold directly. , the price is naturally relatively low. For novice flower lovers, you can choose a few more varieties, and the price is not expensive.

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Reason 2: Young plants have strong adaptability

The second reason for choosing seedlings is that the seedlings have strong adaptability, because the roses presented have been grown in greenhouses for a long time, with high humidity and suitable temperature, and their growth rate is naturally faster, which is difficult for ordinary families to grow. When this condition is met, although it can adapt to the new environment after slowing down the seedlings, it still has some impact on its disease to get!

But the young seedlings are different. They haven’t really bloomed yet, and they don’t depend very much on the environment. If there are big changes, the impact on it will naturally be relatively small, and it is easy to form old piles.

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Reason 3: Young plants carry fewer pathogens

The last reason is very important. Even the old pile rose, although the growth is very good and the branches are luxuriant, but there is also a problem, that is, there are many hidden germs or insects. After we buy it, even if we do a comprehensive inspection, Even after spraying pesticides, the black sheep will still be left behind. As long as the temperature returns to the house or during the rainy season, the diseased pot of the rose can be infected with various diseases, and even affect other plants, which makes many flower lovers very to get!

But rose seedlings are different. It is basically a main stem plus a few branches. You can see whether there is any insect damage with the naked eye. It is more convenient to prevent and control. First, check the health of the branches and leaves, and even re-plant the rose seedlings. The prevention work in the early stage is done first, and in the later maintenance process, ventilation is ensured, and various insecticides are regularly sprayed, so that the chances of rose infection with insect pests are not so great.


Summary: Dear novice flower lovers, if you want to buy roses, remember a principle, choose small ones instead of old ones, not only the price is cheap, but also the speed of seedling growth is fast, the disease resistance is relatively strong, and the later maintenance work will be easier and more efficient. Easily bloom cascades of flowers and form an old pile of blooming flowers.

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