Do you like lily? Lily is a very beautiful and useful flower, it has a rich variety and characteristics, it can bring a lot of fun and value to our life. In this article, I will introduce this amazing flower from the aspects of lily’s variety, characteristics, use and value.

lily’s Variety and Characteristics

Lily is a genus of the lily family, it has many species, distributed in the temperate and subtropical regions of the northern hemisphere. They are perennial herbaceous bulbous plants, flowering in late spring or summer. Lily’s flowers are large, with different shapes and colors, some also have fragrance. Lily’s tepals have six, divided into two rounds, each round three pieces, tepals can spread out or curl inward, forming different styles, such as trumpet-shaped, cup-shaped, inverted umbrella-shaped and so on. Lily’s flower color is also rich, there are white, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, green and so on, some also have spots, stripes or to get!

Lily has many famous varieties, such as:

  • Double Lilium Asiatic Red Twin: This is a double-petaled Asian lily variety, its flowers are bright red, with a small inner flower. It does not produce pollen, so you don’t have to worry about dirtying furniture or clothes when cutting flowers .
  • Double Lilium Asiatic Red Twin
  • Double Lilium Asiatic Elodie: This is a double-petaled Asian lily variety, its flowers are pink, with light pink or white spots. It also does not produce pollen, so it is suitable for cut flowers or potted plants.
  • Double Lilium Asiatic Elodie
  • Double Lilium Asiatic Apricot Fudge: This is a double-petaled Asian lily variety, its flowers are apricot or light brown color, with a rose-like shape. It also does not produce pollen, and has a faint fragrance.
  • Double Lilium Asiatic Apricot Fudge
  • Lilium Oriental ‘Roselily Sita’: This is an oriental lily variety, its flowers are white or light pink color,

    with light purple or light red spots. It is also a double-petaled and pollen-free variety, and has a strong and sweet fragrance.

  • Lilium Oriental 'Roselily Sita'

lily’s Use and Value

Lily is not only a beautiful and fragrant flower, it also has many uses and values. Lily can be used as ornamental plants or cut flowers to decorate home, office, wedding and other occasions, it can enhance the atmosphere and beauty, it can also be used as a gift to express love, blessing, apology and other emotions. Different colors and varieties of lily have different meanings, such as:

  • Red lily represents passion, courage, confidence, loyalty.
  • Pink lily represents romance, sweetness, tenderness, love.
  • Apricot or light brown lily represents warmth, comfort, elegance, luxury.
  • White or light pink lily represents purity, nobility, holiness, beauty.

Lily can also be used as food or medicine to eat or treat some diseases. Lily’s scales contain rich starch, some can be used as vegetables, such as juandan, shandan and wild lily. They can be made into dried lily for sale, which can clear heat and detoxify, and are considered as healthy food. People soak the dried lily and stir-fry it, then crush it for soup, or use it to extract starch. Lily’s flowers and leaves can also be eaten, some also have fragrance, which can increase appetite. Lily also has some medicinal value, which can treat heart disease, pneumonia, cough, insomnia and so on. It also has some cosmetic effects, which can moisturize the skin, anti-aging, remove spots and so to get!

Lilium Oriental 'Roselily Samantha'

lily’s Charm and Advantages

Through the above introduction, we can see that lily is a colorful flower, it has a rich variety and characteristics,it can bring a lot of fun and value to our life. Lily is not only a beautiful and fragrant flower, it is also a useful and amazing plant. Lily makes us feel the wonder and charm of nature, and also makes us experience the depth and diversity of human culture and emotion. Lily is a magical and beautiful flower, it makes our life more colorful and rich, it deserves our appreciation and cherish.

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