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How do you maintain a big tree after you get home? Let's take a look:
1️⃣ Can I change the basin when I first arrive? Pen Chou doesn't like it.
Merchants generally control water to deliver goods, and the soil they get is very dry. First water thoroughly, put in a well-ventilated scattered light environment to slow down the seedlings.
Pay attention to ventilation in summer and keep warm in winter.
⚠️Do not replant, wait until 2-3 new leaves grow before changing the pot. Immediately changing it will take a month to wait for potting, which will affect the growth of plants.
Ugly pots can only be tolerated, or you can put a pot you like, but it will more or less affect the ventilation, so it is not recommended.Click here to get high-quality Monstera.


2️⃣How long does it take for new leaves to grow?
Whether it grows or not, temperature is the premise. At a temperature of 15-25°, the first new leaf will grow every month, and the next 20 days will grow at a rate of one leaf.
Below 15°, growth is slow or even non-existent.
Spend the winter indoors above 10°.
3️⃣ Lighting
Astigmatism environment, do not expose to the sun.



4️⃣ watering
The soil is dry and then watered, do not dry do not water. Just after watering, be sure to strengthen the ventilation.
⚠️Especially after multiple leaves grow, the leaves will "spit water" after watering. If the ventilation is not good, the upper leaf will drip to the lower leaf, which will easily lead to the edge of the banana and affect the appearance.Click here to get high-quality Monstera
5️⃣ fertilization
Apply water and fertilizer once every 7-10 days during the growth period, or sprinkle some slow-release fertilizer directly.
Stop growing below 15°, do not fertilize.


6️⃣How long does it take for new leaves to grow back and open holes?
As long as it is a matter of time, they will open their backs and open holes.
It can also be artificially intervened. When watering after the soil is dry, mix some water and fertilizer - Huaduo No. 1, 1 scoop mixed with 1500ml of water for watering.
That is, when watering, water and fertilizer replace ordinary water.
6️⃣ When to change the basin? How to change?
The old leaves of the cuttings are for the photosynthesis of the buds. After 2-3 new leaves grow, the old leaves can be cut off, and the remaining nodules will be consumed and fall off.
At this time, you can change the pot and find a pot that is one size larger. (For example, if the original 15cm caliber is used, it is enough to change to a 17-18 caliber.)
Changing the pot is not the bigger the better. If it is too large, it will lead to waterlogging and rotten roots. It needs a gradual process.
Move in the original soil together, apply some base fertilizer, and then backfill the peat soil, mainly imported rough peat.Click here to get high-quality Monstera

7️⃣ In order to moisturize, can the leaves be sprayed with water?
No, it will also cause old leaf banana edges, and the leaves will stay dry. If the environment is too dry, humidify the environment, not the leaves.
If you have to spray the blades, you must strengthen the ventilation.
8️⃣I just bought it, can I put it on the water moss column?
No need to put it on, wait until six or seven pieces have grown and some aerial roots have taken root, then put it on again.