Many people like lilies. Lilies are not only beautiful, but also have a pleasant fragrance. Putting them in the room makes people feel refreshed. When most people buy lilies, they buy pistils, but the flowers will fade after a few days after returning home. It is not worthwhile to spend more than ten yuan for a lily to last for three or two days. The flowers in the flower shop will take a little longer. So, how to water lilies? Please allow me to introduce you next.

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1.Pick flowers

When you go to the market to buy flowers, don't buy ones that are all in bloom, as they won't last for a few days. Because the flowering period is limited, the flowers that have already bloomed will surely fade soon. You can properly choose some flowers with many stamens, especially those that bloom a little, but not fully bloomed. There is no need to choose all flower buds, because flowers need nutrients to bloom. If they are all flower buds that have no intention of blooming at all, the branches and leaves are almost dead, and the flowers have not bloomed yet. Therefore, when buying flowers, choose the pre-bloomed flowers, the ones that are not fully to get!

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2.Water should not exceed 3 cm above the absorption point

When raising lilies in water, the water should not be too full. After all, lilies are not like those creatures that grow up in water, such as lotus. Generally, when raising lilies in water, do not add water more than 3 cm above the water absorption to get!

3.Frequently change water

Some people just buy the flowers and leave them alone. This is not right. Lilies need to change the water frequently so that the flowers can absorb fresh water. However, it is not necessary to change it every day. Under normal circumstances, it needs to be changed every two days in summer, once a week in winter, and once every three or four days in spring and autumn. Generally speaking, the higher the temperature, the more frequent the water change.

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If you want lilies to last for a long time, you must pay attention to pruning. The branches will inevitably rot if they are soaked in water for a long time. The purpose of pruning every day is to keep the water-absorbing points renewed, so that the lilies can absorb fresh water and nutrients every day. The pruning length does not need to be too long, about one centimeter is to get!

5.Add "ingredients" to the water

The lilies in the flower shop always have a long flowering period, but the lilies bought by ordinary people are easy to wither. So, what's going on? This is about the technology of growing flowers. You can add a few drops of plant nutrient solution to the water to supplement the nutrients needed by the flowers. Because it is not always possible for flowers to remain completely dependent on water. When we are at home, we can also add a little sugar to the water to prolong the flowering period.

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Some people say that flowers with dewdrops are the most beautiful. In fact, this is not unreasonable. Flowers need nutrients, and the air is dry, not just from the water underneath. Yes, use a watering can to sprinkle some water on the pistils and leaves every day, the flowers will be more energetic and last longer.

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