Monstera deliciosa is a very common ornamental plant that is suitable for indoor environments. It has high ornamental value, beautiful leaf shape, and may even bloom, bringing fresh vitality to the home. It has the ability to absorb harmful substances and purify indoor air.However, monstera deliciosa sometimes has yellowing leaves. So how to keep monstera deliciosa healthy? The following 6 methods may help you.

Monstera deliciosa


The best temperature range is between 20-25℃ because monstera deliciosa originally grows in the tropical rainforests of Mexico and likes a warm and humid environment. It is shade-tolerant but not cold-tolerant. It can safely overwinter above 5℃ in to get!


In the rainforest, tall trees cover monstera deliciosa from the sun. Therefore, it does not like direct sunlight but needs sufficient scattered light. So the place where monstera deliciosa stays is best both bright and not exposed to the sun.

Remember: Do not expose to direct sunlight!”

Monstera deliciosa


Monstera deliciosa has relatively large leaves, which makes water evaporate easily. Therefore, watering needs to be more frequent, and the principle is “better wet than dry”. Secondly, it is important to maintain air humidity in the tropical rainforest where it grows; otherwise, the leaves may curl.

Tips: Monstera deliciosa is not tolerant of waterlogging, so while keeping the soil moist, there should be no stagnant water in the to get!


It is suitable for loose and well-drained soil. You can use humus mixed with base fertilizer and then configure some mud to fill the pot.

During the spring and summer growing season, monstera deliciosa can be fertilized with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium every two weeks.

When the weather turns cold in autumn and winter, fertilization should be reduced.

Unlike other foliage plants that require nitrogen fertilizer during the growth period, monstera deliciosais more suitable for phosphorus fertilizer during the growth period.

Fertilization still follows the principle of thin fertilization and frequent application, avoiding concentrated and fresh fertilizers.

monstera deliciosa


It is best to replace the flowerpot and soil for the plant every year to ensure that the plant enjoys sufficient nutrients. The new flowerpot and soil should be disinfected before use.

Before potting, the withered branches and leaves of the plant should be trimmed to get!


Monstera deliciosa is easy to grow, but if you want it to look good, you have to rely on pruning. The visual focus of turtle back bamboo is on the leaf shape, which is unique and elegant when opened.

To highlight this point, the leaves should be sparse and orderly, and each leaf should be fully opened, healthy and complete. If the leaves are too lush, it will be no different from growing a pot of giant green radish.

Monstera deliciosa grows fast, so there is no need to worry about excessive pruning. Also, monstera deliciosa belongs to climbing plants.

If you want it to grow upwards, you need to insert a thicker climbing pole in the pot.

monstera deliciosa

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