Spring temperatures rise, the weather warms up, and many flower friends who grow flowers at home will also encounter a very annoying problem of growing worms. These small worms will not only harm the health of the plants, but also affect the environment and beauty. It is very annoying. Today, Hua Hua will teach you 4 small methods to easily solve the problem of plant insect pests. Come and take a look!

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Method 1: Homemade insecticide

We usually encounter all kinds of small bugs in the process of growing flowers. At this time, we can make some insect repellent water and spray it on the plants. It is not only simple and practical, but also low-cost, and the effect is very good.

We can cut the fresh onions at home into small pieces and soak them in clean water for a day, then spray the onion water solution on the surface of the plants or water it directly, because the onion water solution has a very good sterilization and insecticidal effect, spray once every 2 days, about 2-3 The small bugs in the flower pot can be easily eliminated in just one time.click to get!

There are also water soaked in shredded tobacco, garlic and chili water, washing powder, detergent or wind oil mixed with water are all good insecticides. Spraying plants once every 2 days is also very effective in repelling insects, but If there are too many small insects on the plants, it is better to spray them with professional insecticides.

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Method 2: Sprinkle lime to repel insects

Another method with a very good insecticidal effect is to sprinkle some fresh lime powder or granulated lime on the surface of the flowerpot, which is very effective in repelling snails or screwworms that can be seen with our naked eyes. Be sure not to water, as soon as those nasty little bugs come into contact with the lime, they will be dehydrated directly, and the bugs will naturally disappear.click to get!

Method 3: Do not use unfermented fertilizer

Many flower lovers like to retting some fertilizer by themselves when growing flowers, such as milk, leftover tea leaves, rice washing water, and egg shells are all "waste" that are very good for growing flowers. However, if these things are placed directly on the flowers It is very easy to grow worms in the pot, so before using it, we must fully ferment it before watering it.

In addition, in addition to full fermentation, it is necessary to clean up the fallen leaves and weeds in the flower pot before fertilizing, and keep the pot soil clean, so as to effectively reduce insect eggs.click to get!

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Method 4: Maintain good ventilation

It is also very important to keep those annoying little bugs away from your plants. Keep the maintenance environment well-ventilated. Only when the plants are ventilated frequently can they effectively reduce pests and diseases, especially after watering or fertilizing. Gout can accelerate them. The absorption will not keep the pot soil moist all the time, which can effectively prevent plants from growing insects.click to get!

In addition, most flower lovers will close the doors and windows when growing flowers indoors in winter, for fear that the flowers and plants at home will be frozen. In fact, this is not to protect the plants, but to harm the plants. We try to open the windows at noon in winter when the temperature is high. A breath of fresh air can effectively prevent pests and diseases without causing frostbite.

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