In horticultural work, weeding is the most time-consuming and experiential. Spring and autumn come, and the reproduction and vitality of the weeds are astonishing. Even in the cold and bleak winter, there will be weeds outcropping, which is quite springy. a feeling of! As a result, many people who want to grow flowers are dissuaded by weeding. Indeed, weeding is the hardest part of garden work, which makes gardening that should be warm and pleasant become a burden!

Many weeds are the medium for spreading diseases and insect pests. The diseases and insect pests will be transferred to the plants planted in the garden after damage, and will compete with the planted plants for growth space, water and fertilizer, and in severe cases, the plants will die! Manual weeding is really time-consuming and thankless. In most cases, we can only pull out the larger weeds. It is difficult to pull out the newly germinated seedlings and ungerminated seeds, especially after the next year. After warming up, weeds can regenerate in half a month! click to get!

Manual Weeds Snatcher

Next I will introduce 3 little tricks to weed out your garden.

1.Weed out the weeds with tools

Weeds need to be cut by the roots. The places where the grass grows in the garden are usually places we don’t often go to. When the grass is just sprouting, we can use a shovel to shovel the grass by the roots. Don’t wait until the weeds bloom and set seeds. Pull up to avoid dropping weed seeds on the ground. This will also effectively remove weeds completely. You can also remove the flowers when the flowers are blooming to prevent it from setting seeds and prevent weeds from flooding again. Some weeds have fleshy roots and long walking stems, so dig deep and remove them thoroughly. click to get!

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2.Plant flowers, trees or cover the ground with lawn

If you don’t want to see weeds, just plant your favorite flowers and trees, or cover the lawn, which is also an effective way to remove weeds. Build flower beds, flower mirrors, build a flower bed with bricks, and plant flowers and plants in it , you can sow sunflowers, cosmoses, zinnias, these self-seeding grasses grow fast, have many colors, or cover the lawn, and pave the corners where flowers or lawns cannot be planted with small stones or pebbles Get up, it looks beautiful and does not grow grass. click to get!

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3.Lay weed control fabric

The weeding cloth is treated with the soil first, and then the weed-proof cloth is spread. Only holes are drilled where plants need to be planted and then plants are planted. When it comes to weeding cloth, everyone will think of black and autumnal cloth spread on the ground, which makes the garden look lifeless, but the weed-proof cloth of Nongfu Yipin is different. It is not only beautiful, but also moisturizing and fattening. The important thing is to degrade without pollution! The specific implementation process is to remove the weeds in the garden first, then plow the garden land, add organic fertilizers, and carefully cultivate the land to ensure that every part of the soil is soft and fertile.

When the soil is soft and fertile, cover it with a layer of weeding cloth. The weeding cloth should be fixed with ground nails. After fixing, the place where plants need to be planted will be drilled and planted. After planting, you can lay a layer of about 5 cm covering layer (coarse sand, pine scales, etc.) according to your own preferences. Make sure that the covering layer is clean and free of weed seeds. The garden with weeding cloth is very easy to maintain. The weeding cloth has good air permeability and water permeability and will not affect the growth of plants. Even if weed seeds enter the garden, the weeding cloth and mulch will hinder its growth! Routine maintenance only needs to clean up the dead branches and leaves to enjoy the fun of gardening.

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